Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love an upholstered headboard!

These are all great, for different reasons. Love the colors. Love the monograms. I can't pick a favorite! What's yours?

The contrasting inset panel with the monogram is great. I'm totally coveting a gold mirror like the one on the right and that pair of prints above the headboard. Tres fabulous.

I'm a big fan of this headboard shape and the bed skirt versus a footboard. I love the blue lamp paired with the yellow fabric too. And that monogram? *Swoon*

My favorite part of this look is the super-tall, dramatic headboard. Digging the color and bold pattern of the fabric though, admittedly, the deer print is kinda different.

I'm sort of burnt out on monogrammed hotel linens because the look is everywhere, but I absolutely adore the tufted headboard. The fact that it's pink velvet is the cherry on top!

Love. These. Colors. The tall headboard piped in a contrasting color is really striking. And the Lucite bench covered in chocolate polka-dot fabric is to die for!


Nicki Leigh said...

Okay...I don't normally comment. But that lucite bench is absolutely fabulous!! To. Die. For. Where can I find it and drool?

Stephanie said...

It's awesome, yes?! I forgot to give credits on these photos, oops. But this one is at

There's no info on the bench, but I think you could find an acrylic one (not lucite cause it'll cost a fortune), and have a cushion made for the top.

Tommy said...

They also make less noise when banging against the wall. Just sayin'.

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Tommy, for taking this post to a whole 'nother level.