Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back! I'm Back!

And I want a bar cart. This is my favorite one, but I wish I could find it in a nice springy olivey green (how's that for a made-up color?). I never have people over for drinks, and I rarely ever have more than one bottle of Cupcake Chardonnay chilled, but I love the look of all the bottles arranged together. Add neat rows of colorful canned fruit juice, old-school bottles of club soda, cool glasses, a bowl of lemons and limes, and it's a work of art!

{Miniature liquor bottles would be fun and *bonus* cheaper!}

{via Tonic Home}

I don't really love this clunky cart from Pottery Barn, but I do like the arrangement.

And two more lovely options. I do love a little gilded gold in my home. {No, seriously. I have a little in almost every room.}

{via Lonny Magazine}

And, finally, perfection. I love those monogrammed chairs! The flowers are a lovely touch too.

{via Found}

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